Technology and teacher education at CSSE

The last few days I have spent at CSSE, in particular at Technology and Teacher Education (TATE) sessions. We had a pre-conference day for people doing research in this area to share ideas and their research interests and so a beginning group is starting to emerge.

Wendy and Nobuko and I were involved in a number of presentations and discussions and the links to the presentations can be found here

One is: Freeman, W. & Brett, C.(May, 2006).

Designing weblogs using grounded design in an online graduate educational research environment. Paper presented at CSSE, York University, Toronto, May 30, 2006.

and the other:

Brett, C.,Freeman, W, & Fujita, N. (May, 2006). Affordances of individual weblogs and collaborative threaded discussion environments for critical refection, Paper presented at CSSE, York University, Toronto, May 28, 2006.

The theoretic frameworks that seemed to be popular among this group of researchers at the moment are Activity Theory and Communites of Practice and these are being used to inform central issues of building and sustaining communities to enhance both preservice and inservice teaching contexts, as well as potential planning and assessment-framing tools. The attraction of these theories makes sense because they attempt to understand, in a systemic way, learning situations in their broader, multilayered contexts.

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