To blog or not to blog

I am always interested in how strongly people react to their online experiences in this course. I think using blogs is a way of writing and interacting with resources that one has to grow into in a way–I have certainly done that–and their value and potential as an educational tool changes for me with time. In part as a result of my own changing experiences that broadens my sense of what is possible and also as a result of watching my students’ process within these spaces grow and change.
I encourage you to read some of the graduate students blogs that are linked through the aggregator on this page but that are outside the 1608 course. You can do that by clicking on one of the tabs–GRAIL at the top of the weblog main page and checking out some of the entries there–perhaps select a category and view a seires of entries related to that category.
If you find the weblogs difficult or pointless, I would ask you to give it time. We are in the first week of the course, and I think they work best with the bigger goals–developing research ideas, linking ideas from different program experiences across courses and so on, but it takes a while to start to see the possibilities. You may never get to like them, but give ’em a try!

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