Featured Activity Kit: ‘Keep It Green’ Game

In celebration of Earth Day, check out the latest  featured activity kit – the ‘Keep It Green’ environmental consciousness game [CR 363.7 K26]. Each of us, by all the little things we do in our everyday lives, affect the earth. By your everyday actions are you helping or harming the earth? The game’s goal is for all players to reach planet earth while it is still ‘green and living.’ Using their playing rocks and magic screens, each player must journey towards the earth while keeping two possible outcomes in mind. If the Earth is still ‘green and living’ when all the journeys are completed, all the players win. If the Earth has become ‘grey and dead’ before all the journeys are completed, all the players lose. To avoid this loss, players must work together using their green tree cards to remove the grey overlays. Designed as a cooperative game for 2 to 6 players aged 10 and older.

Currently displayed on the coffee table near the Circulation Desk on the Ground Floor of the Library.

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