Featured Activity Kit: Animal Cell Model

Animal Cell ModelAnton van Leewenhoek first stumbled upon animal cells swimming around in pond water over 300 years ago. Use this model to introduce the idea of the animal cell to students still in the intermediate grades, or present it as a preparation for students on the verge of replicating van Leewenhoek’s early work.

The animal cell is fascinating to see in the detail provided by a model at this scale. The complicated and detailed world of the cell is truly a microcosm of discovery for students learning about science. Specifically, this model recreates the cell membrane, cytoplasm, mitochondria, lysosomes, ribosomes, centrioles, the nucleus, and everyone’s favourite, the golgi apparatus.

The activity kit also includes a variety of activities, worksheets, and suggestions for assessment, all detailed in the teachers notes booklet. Consider pairing the Animal Cell Model with some of the OISE Library’s collection of books for teaching the Intermediate Grades about Cell Theory. Of course there are also many materials available for teaching the Senior Grades.

Animal Cell ModelThe Animal Cell Model is currently on display on the coffee table on the Ground Floor of the OISE Library, so feel free to come in and discover the world of the cell!

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