Featured Activity Kit: Prism Set

Learning about physics may seem daunting at first, but activity kits such as this Prism Set can make concepts as clear as the glass in these prisms!

The Prism Set contains four 6″ equilateral prisms. These prisms are excellent tools for investigating optics, a branch of physics that deals with the properties and behaviour of light. These prisms may be used to demonstrate¬†effects such as light refraction and colour.

These prisms are a great addition to grade 4 science classrooms, when properties of light are introduced, as well as in grade 10 classes, where optics is explored in greater depth.

If you’re interested in finding more ways to use these prisms, the OISE Library has several books of experiments. Consider checking out The Optics Book: Fun Experiments with Light, Vision & Colour, Making Light Work: The Science of Optics, or Physics for Kids: 49 Easy Experiments with Optics for a wealth of innovative ideas.

The Prism Set is currently on display on the ground floor of the OISE Library, next to the Circulation Desk. Looking for more kits about physics? You can search our collections in the OISE Library K-12 Manipulatives Database! For more activity kits about light, colour, and optics, check out the Colour & Light Discovery Kit, the Light and Illusion Interactive Guide to Optical Tricks, and the United Prism Set.

Caution: These prisms are made of glass and may break. Please do not carry the container by the lid, as the lid may detach and cause the prisms to fall out!

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