Pride Month Lobby Display

June is Pride Month, which means that the OISE Library has a new display in the lobby!

This month’s display focuses on LGBTQ+ resources from across the OISE Library collections. There are books for all levels, and this display is meant to highlight the diverse resources that the OISE Library has to offer for students and teachers alike. Many of these books offer practical, hands-on materials as well as important personal narratives.

These resources cover a variety of subjects such as creating safe and inclusive spaces, challenging homophobia in schools, the many different kinds of families that exist, case studies, human rights, and new directions for student services. There are many practical examples of real-world problems and solutions, as well as techniques for changing attitudes and improving the lives of LGBTQ+ youth in schools from elementary school to college age.

If you are interested in borrowing any of the materials from this display please let a staff member know and we will retrieve it for you.


About Nora Frauley-Elson

Graduate Student Library Assistant at OISE Library| Master of Information 2017, University of Toronto
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