Welcome! To help educators, researchers and others to understand and use ideas and resources that I have developed since I began teaching in 1977, I (sometimes with graduate students and/or teachers) can conduct seminars and/or workshops on a variety of related topics – with special emphasis on the STEPWISE framework that I developed in 2006. In all cases, I/we will share with participants numerous teaching & learning resources.

To arrange such outreach, covering only ‘long-distance’ travel expenses, write to me at

Possible Seminar/Workshop Topics
The graphic & list below provide linked descriptions of some topics that are generally or more specifically related to stages of the STEPWISE schema. We can conduct seminars and/or workshops directly related to these topics, some combinations of them or related ones suggested by you.

Sample Outreach

Academic Seminars

Graduate Education Class, University of Ottawa

International Science Education Symposium, Jaén, Spain

Teacher Workshops

Since 2006, when the STEPWISE framework was developed, graduate students, teachers and I have conducted numerous workshops for teachers – mostly at the secondary school level. We do not have video recordings of any of these, but the video at right may give you an idea about composition of the team that could conduct further such workshops. If you would like to arrange for a STEPWISE-based workshop dealing with topics like those above or those you suggest, write to me at