STEPWISE Outreach & Research
To share STEPWISE (and promote ecojustice), we offer seminars and workshops to share our ideas, resources, publications and opportunities to become part of our action research that aims to promote and understand STEPWISE implementation. The picture at right/below and video here show our team members a few years ago; but, several of them are still working with us and may be involved in our research and outreach. If you are interested in engaging one or a few of us in outreach and, possibly, collaborative action research with us, write to larry.bencze@utoronto.ca.



If you are interested in learning more about and/or implementing STEPWISE, you can invite me and/or team members to conduct seminars and workshops to help with that. Since we have been developing STEPWISE since 2006, we have developed many teaching and learning resources (many of which are discussed on this website) that we are happy to share. You can choose among topics linked to the graphic at right/ below or request we discuss related ones.

Sample Presentations

To invite us to conduct seminars and/or workshops about topics like those above, write to: larry.bencze@utoronto.ca.

STEPWISE Collaborative Action Research

Our Action Research

As shown at right/below (and here), action research involves cycles of reflecting on one’s perspectives and practices (P&P), planning new P&P (e.g., based on STEPWISE pedagogy), acting on new P&P, observing (data-collection) their uses with students, and then reflecting again to determine new P&P. Such AR cycles can be conducted by and shared among teachers, teacher educators, student-teachers and others. As elaborated here, here & here, we often study effects of changes in possible ’cause’ variables (e.g., teaching about the Mendelian Paradox) on changes in certain ‘result’ variables (e.g., students’ views about importance of data vs. theories in inquiries). A teacher here describes his efforts to continually improve his teaching, in this case, of actor-network theory – which is a fundamental concept in STEPWISE pedagogy and in research.¬† If you wish to work with us (myself and/or some team members) in action research (AR) to improve your uses of STEPWISE (and promotion of ecojustice), help us to understand its potential and possibly collaborate with us in publications, contact me at larry.bencze@utoronto.ca.