Science & Technology Education Promoting Wellbeing for Individuals, Societies & Environments
Pedagogy for 5 curriculum goals, emphasizing direct teaching about STSE harms (SSIs) – largely linked to powerful people (e.g., financiers) & groups (e.g., governments, corporations, transnational groups) on fields of science & technology and much else – and preparation for eventual student-led research-informed & negotiated action (RiNA) projects to overcome such harms. In promoting ecojustice, STEPWISE counters inquiry-based learning & reductionist-sanitized STEM education.

(Text in the graphic below link to secondary school resources)

NOTE: Student-led RiNA projects often are very sophisticated only after direct application-based teaching in the Teacher Teaches phase.

In addition to links above to online resources for specific stages of the STEPWISE schema, you might download the relatively short sample lessons and activities document and/or the more elaborate booklet, Science Education for Civic Action.

Gradual Implementation of STEPWISE

Because much about STEPWISE is non-mainstream (e.g., teaching concepts like: dispositifs, sociotechnical imaginaries & regulatory capture from Science & Technology Studies), we strongly recommend teachers gradually increase complexity of topics & controversies, levels of independent research, diversity of sociopolitical actions, etc. A sample scenario is depicted at right/below.


Our Action Research

Teachers Talking About Their Implementation of Parts of STEPWISE