Science & Technology Education Promoting Wellbeing for Individuals, Societies & Environments
Pedagogy for 5 curriculum goals, emphasizing direct teaching about STSE harms (SSIs) – largely linked to powerful people (e.g., financiers) & groups (e.g., governments, corporations, transnational groups) on fields of science & technology and much else – and promotion of eventual student-led research-informed & negotiated action (RiNA) projects to overcome such harms. In promoting ecojustice, STEPWISE counters inquiry-based learning & reductionist-sanitized STEM education.

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NOTE: Student-led RiNA projects tend to be very sophisticated only after direct application-based teaching in the Teacher Teaches phase.

Gradual Implementation of STEPWISE

Because much about STEPWISE is non-mainstream (e.g., teaching concepts like: dispositifs, sociotechnical imaginaries & regulatory capture from Science & Technology Studies), we strongly recommend teachers gradually increase complexity of topics & controversies, levels of independent research, diversity of sociopolitical actions, etc. A sample scenario is depicted at right/below.


Our Action Research

Teachers Talking About Their Implementation of Parts of STEPWISE