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Using STEPWISE-informed pedagogies, teachers can prepare students to independently conduct effective educated ‘research-informed & negotiated action’ (RiNA) projects to help overcome STSE Harms of their concern that are often linked to powerful people & groups.

Upon request, we can conduct seminars & workshops, share resources and collaborate in action research to learn (and publish) about altruistic civic engagement.

As explained in the video at right (below on phones) and the following schematic, the STEPWISE pedagogy consists of one or more 3-phase – constructivism-informed – cycles to prepare students for self-directing RiNA projects to help overcome STSE Harms of their concern. You can learn more about the pedagogy through the linked buttons below the schematic.

STEPWISE-informed Pedagogical Resources

Since 2006, when the STEPWISE schema was created, we have worked with many educators in different contexts engaged in action research to develop corresponding teaching & learning resources, field-test them and learn about their effectiveness. Through the linked graphics at right/below, we share many such resources – most of which have been developed and used with secondary school students. We are, however, now working to produce more teaching/learning resources for elementary school contexts – and, so, are recruiting educators for this work.

Online Field-tested Resources
Online Resources in Development

If you would like to collaborate with us to develop STEPWISE-informed teaching & learning resources suitable for uses in elementary school contexts, write to me at:

Many of our resources are free to download and/or use online. Please credit as: Courtesy of Also, if you would like to work with us to develop and perhaps field-test new such resources and/or participate in our research & publication programme, contact me at: