Diverse Teachers for Diverse Learners 

Nordforsk Funded Network 

This network explores diverse students’ experiences in schools, how students benefit from linguistically and culturally diverse teachers and how the teaching force generally benefits from diversification, how diverse teachers in the different countries effect and contribute to diverse teaching practices and school cultures, and how teacher education in the different countries should develop and take into account the diversification of teachers and students.

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The work is conducted in five countries; Iceland, Norway, Finland, UK and Canada and the research project is based on qualitative and quantitive research methods.

The researchers are specialists in the fields of multicultural and migration studies, language education, special education and pedagogy, as well as doctoral and master students in the fields of international and multicultural studies. The interdisciplinary approach will provide important insight into school settings in the respective countries that are becoming increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse as well as providing international comparison and consolidating research in the field.

The project has important implications for future developments in teacher education, educational policy, equality issues in teacher certification and school reform in the respective countries, in addition to being of value for international research in the field.

Project Manager



Hanna Ragnarsdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland
Nordforsk Funding Scheme
Duration2011 -2014
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