Growing New Roots 

Growing New Roots DVD Series

Welcome to the video resources for the Growing New Roots DVD Series. This video project is part of the ESL Infusion Initiative and related research project directed by Antoinette Gagné.

To access PowerPoint slides summarizing the Growing New Roots research project, click here.

There are five distinct video projects as part of this series:    

The Voices of Immigrant Teenagers in Canada:

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This short video project introduces the experiences of immigrant teenagers in Canada, in their own words. On this page you will find the video clip and an accompanying transcript and resource book, as well as additional background information and a summary of the project.

Reflections of Immigrant Teenagers in Canada:

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This video project builds on Voices, providing an extended forum where immigrant teenagers reflect on topics such as family, friends, and racism. On this page you will find video clips for each chapter arranged by topic, a transcript of each chapter and a link where you can download an accompanying resource booklet for educators and English Language Learners.

Voices of Immigrant Families and the Teachers of their Children:

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This video project offers a range of interviews which extend the Voices and Reflections projects. The purpose of these interviews was to examine the relationships between immigrant and refugee parents and the teachers, principals, and settlement workers who work with these communities. On this page you will find full-length and abridged video clips with accompanying transcripts for each chapter and a resource book which can be downloaded in whole or in parts.

The Voices of Internationally Educated Teachers and Their Mentors in Canada:

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This video project has 7 chapters, each of which explores different facets of the experiences of internationally educated teachers and their mentors.

Growing New Roots: Coming Together – New Immigrant and Canadian Teenagers

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This video expands on the Growing New Roots – Voices and Reflections videos. In this production, English language learners and Canadian born high school students come together to describe the barriers they face communicating with each other. They also share their strategies for overcoming these challenges and make suggestions for ways their peers, educators and parents can help.