At the 2013 Annual Conference for The Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), a symposium entitled At the Intersection of Diverse Teachers and Diverse Learners will feature several scenarios that address issues related to diversity in education.

In the near future, those scenarios will be posted to pages of the Diversity in Teaching Site. The scenarios relate to aspects of diversity in teaching and include issues pertaining to the diversification of the teaching force, the impact of diverse teachers on school communities, the manner in which inclusive pedagogy is operationalized in classrooms and schools, the response of teachers to poverty, the preparation of teachers for diversity, and the experiences of diverse teachers and learners in urban schools

In the time leading up to the conference, sneak previews for each scenario will also be featured as separate blog postings that we invite your commentary upon.  We hope you will be able to interact with us about the scenarios on line before and after the conference, and of course in person at the conference.


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