The two clips below are a testimony of how Dr. Jim Cummins has inspired the work of many educators and researchers worldwide as can  be seen in the many and varied forms they have chosen to express their appreciation for him as a scholar and as the remarkable and extremely approachable human being he is. To put it in Dr. Cummins’ words, the Tribute Slideshow contains traditional text words sent by many of his students and colleagues; whereas, the Tribute Video engages in a multimodal and multilingual collage of clips, slides, and even music created all by Dr. Cummins’ friends. Therefore, as per Cummins’ Transformative Multiliteracies framework, both clips complement each other. Thus, we encourage you to watch both clips, get inspired, and take Dr. Cummins’ work to the next level in contributing to critically examine and transform education wherever you are visiting us from!

Tribute Slideshow

Tribute Video