Clubs Overview

High school students participate in a diverse range of social justice, cultural, and religious clubs. Some of the same clubs exist in a number of different schools and represent larger organizations such as Me to We and Oxfam. Other clubs are individual representations of widely-shared belief systems (for example, Christians in Action and the Muslim Student Association) or popular movements, such as the battle against the persecution of individuals based on their sexual orientations (for example, Students Against Sexual Stereotypes Yeah (SASSY) and the Anti-Homophobia Alliance). Yet other clubs are examples of reaching out to those who do not have the advantages that most students might take for granted (for example, ESL Ambassadors and BestBuddies). The diagrams below illustrate the diversity of the thriving club-life in just some Toronto District School Board Schools. In the pages that follow, you can learn about how students and administrators have been affected by their involvement with these clubs.












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