Inquiry-based Learning

An engaging process, a pedagogical mindset

Inquiry-based learning builds on students’ knowledge of the world around them. Students explore their own ideas and questions, in collaboration with peers. Educators provide students the resources and experiences needed to gain a deeper understanding of a chosen topic. Inquiry is an iterative process that includes investigation, reflection, and discussion of newly-learned information that ultimately leads to a deeper understanding of the world.

Early Years Inquiry

Kindergarten teacher Carol Stephenson brings us inside her classroom to share how she fosters inquiry-based learning at the very beginning of the school year.

Primary Inquiry

Grade One Teacher Zoe Donoahue leads her class in a knowledge building discussion exploring what might be beneath the ground we walk on. 

Junior Inquiry

Grade Four Teacher Robin Shaw explains how students’ personal experiences and stories play an important role in initiating inquiry-based learning.

Environmental Inquiry: An Indigenous Perspective

The importance of Indigenous Perspectives
Natural Curiosity is an educational resource and program that builds children’s understanding of the world through environmental inquiry, environmental education, and Indigenous perspective.

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