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Seeing the joy in math

Dr. Julie Comay explores how learning math is filled with joyful possibilities. In her message at this year’s meeting of the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), president Trina Wilkerson delivered a stirring call for bringing joy into mathematics classrooms. The positive language and hopeful sentiments represent a welcome

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Whole Number Bias and 3 Misconceptions about Fractions in Junior Math​

Whole Number Bias and 3 Misconceptions about fractions in Junior Math

Whole number bias is the tendency to apply or misapply one’s understanding of whole numbers or natural numbers – the numbers we typically count with – to rational numbers. It makes sense that people might apply what they have learned about whole numbers, like 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to their understanding of fractions, but unfortunately this leads to all kinds of misunderstandings about fractions.

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3 Misconceptions in Primary Science

Taking time at the beginning of a science unit to allow students to share or document how they understand and relate to a topic is an opportunity for educators to see and hear how their students are making sense of the world. It brings to light the foundational thinking with which students will be building their scientific knowledge.

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Feature image for a 3-part lesson exploring birds and their habitats

Investigating Birds in the Spring

Using mathematics to understand food insecurity can highlight factors that influence one’s ability to access food. Financial literacy can also show students the financial implications tied to income, taxes, and price discrepancies at a store.

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Bringing Stories into Science Classrooms

Bringing Storiesinto Science Classrooms Dr. Julie Comay explores how the inclusion of stories in science learning can create a bridge from the known to the unknown for students READ AHEAD: Two modes of thought Narrative: a bridge to scientific thinking Stories of scientists and science Stories and Indigenous pedagogy​ Traditional

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New Lessons, Videos and Resources in 2021

Lessons Videos Blogs OPM This year, The Robertson Program has enhanced its online offerings. With more than 30 new lessons in our online library, several new videos, and a series of blogs exploring topics important to educators, we’re revisiting some of the ideas on our site created to engage students

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