Junior/Intermediate Math

Draw a Structure from 3 Different Views

Students learn how to draw 2D/3D images while using accurate positional and directional language

Build a Structure from 3 Different Views

Students learn how to compare and sort 2D/3D images while using positional and directional language

Budgeting and Food Inequity within Canada

Students create a mock budget, while learning about inequities present between regions of Canada

Historical figures in one minute

Students generate and analyze data to reveal issues of power, racial and gender inequality

Chain Game

Students create a product that can be sold/traded on the “world market.” Soon enough, the market changes!!

Perimeter Challenge

Students use square tiles to create various shapes and compare their perimeter lengths

Dragon’s Den in the Classroom

Students use data as evidence to convince a panel of judges that their project will be profitable

Displacement in large volumes of water

Students explore displacement in large volumes of water by experimenting on a smaller scale

The volume of a bathtub

Students learn about volume by exploring how objects displace water when submerged

Fractions and Decimals on a Number Line

Students use a number line to understand the relationship between fractions and their equivalent decimal forms

Studying Water: Integrating inquiry-based math, science, mapping and social justice

An inquiry-based lesson integrating math, science, geography, Indigenous rights, language arts and social justice


Students design and construct a Mandala, while learning about its rich history, to develop numeric pattern skills

Sum of interior Angles of a Polygon

In this lesson, students will explore the relationship between the sums of interior angles in different polygons.

Thousands Black Jack

In this interactive game, students will use rounding and estimating to get as close to 2100 as possible.

Pythagorean Theorem

In these series of investigations, students explore and deepen their understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem.

Pattern Block Coordinates

Students will explore rational numbers using the cartesian plane in this interactive barrier game.

Pentomino Battleship

Students practice reading letter-number coordinates by playing a battleship game with a partner.

Metris: Multiplication + Tetris

Using dice, students work collaboratively to determine the length, width and area of a rectangle.

The Soroban

Students learn how to use the Soroban to build number sense and learn about place value

Visual Multiplication

Students learn about a way of visually representing the multiplication of multi-digit whole numbers.

Islamic Architecture

Learn how Islamic artists combine imagination and a geometric framework to create patterns seen around the world


Students will examine different historical figures in math and be exposed to historical ways of studying astronomy.

“Fibonacci” Sequence

Explore patterning and algebra through the Fibonacci sequence - something found again and again in nature and art

Exploring Tangrams

The history behind tangrams is a great way to explore composition, decomposition and spatial reasoning

Elasticity and the Role of Women in Mathematics

Learn about celebrated female mathematician Sophie Germain and her incredible work on elasticity

Egyptian Number System

Students explore the Egyptian Number System through a variety of games including bingo.