Online Playful Math

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What is Online Playful Math?

Online Playful Math (OPM) connects educators and students in real-time, providing a platform to develop mathematics skills in an interactive, playful way. 

How does it work?

Intended for elementary educators and students, OPM uses a combination of Zoom and an online card playing platform to engage students in math card games. OPM creates an environment for educators to observe students and respond to their mathematical needs. Most importantly, it provides opportunity for spontaneous math learning that emerges as a result of game play. OPM supports a number of math skills, including numeracy, spatial reasoning and algebra. 

Interested in OPM?

Play-based Teaching

Approaching math education through play is an authentic way to challenge students to think about math concepts. A child can learn by doing the math on their own or by interacting with the children they are playing with. This also develops early social skills. Play also provides choice to children, sustaining interest and curiosity, as well as offering the opportunity to try new strategies without the fear of consequence. Children can think about the math as complicated or as simply as they’d like, depending on their level of development. 

Educators can use OPM

The Robertson Program hosts workshops to introduce educators to OPM. Educators are equipped with the skills to effectively use the platform. This includes discussion with fellow educators about the learning opportunities for students embedded in the Robertson Program-designed card games. OPM is intended for all educators – classroom teachers or educators who work one-onone with kids.

Online Playful Math uses an online card game platform to engage students in mathematical learning.

What are people saying?

“I loved the moments when it seemed like a concept that they were struggling with clicked, and they got so excited about 'getting it'! It was also wonderful to see how kids who don't know each other outside of the program can come together and build their own relationships.”
- Farah
OPM Instructor
"My favourite game is Going for Gold. I like how I have to think about getting to the right number without going over.”
- Sofia
Participant, Grade 2
"I believe it helped my son enjoy math because it was a game. Seeing different ways of math made math a fun subject. It gave him something fun to look forward to do during this difficult time."
- Parent


The lessons below have inspired many of the card games educators and students play as part of Online Playful Math. Explore the lessons to gain an understanding of the rich math behind OPM.


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