Primary Math

Can You Draw This?

Students recreate an image of a square divided by a series of lines from memory and describe the strategies they used.

Hole-Punch Symmetry

Students visualize how paper that has been folded and hole-punched will look when the paper is unfolded.

Designs and Patterns on Grid

Students learn how to read letter-number coordinates by creating designs and patterns on grid.

Pentomino Battleship

Students practice reading letter-number coordinates by playing a battleship game with a partner.

Perspective Taking

Students learn perspective taking by identifying the top, side, and front view of 3-D figures.

Daily Calendar

This daily lesson with many small activities gives students the opportunity to practice all five strands of math every day.


Students organize doubles from 0 to 12 in a way that makes sense to them. This allows them to see number patterns.

Barrier Game

One student builds a structure and gives instructions to his/her partner to build an identical structure.

Building with the Mind’s Eye

Students visualize and build a figure in their mind's eye. Then they describe it for the class.

Number Hunt

Students practice one-to-one correspondence in this fun dice-rolling, bingo-dabbing game!

Collect the Shapes

Children collect 2D shapes on a grid by giving directional instructions and answering questions on shapes attributes.

Multiple Turnover Game

In this game students try to identify whether their cards contain multiples of a given factor.

Curious George and the Rabbits

Students work together to demonstrate different ways to compose and decompose the number 10 or 20.

Adding Up the Number Line

In this addition and subtraction game players attempt to arrive exactly at 500 on the number line.

The Cube Challenge

In this lesson, students work together to build 21 unique structures out of 3, 4, and 5 unifix cubes. Can you build them all?

Upside Down World

Students work with unifix cubes to rebuild "buildings" that have been turned upside down!

Find Your Match

Students collect a matching number pair or two cards that add or subtract to a predetermined sum/difference.

Scrambled Egg Math

Children shake the egg carton then roll a die to determine whether they will be adding or subtracting.

Super Mind

Children are presented with two-dimensional shapes and encouraged to explore the shapes.