I Have A… Who Has A…?

Spatial Reasoning Skills

  • Shape Identification


  • Distinguishing between attributes that are geometric properties and attributes that are not geometric properties
  • Relating shapes to other shapes, to designs, and to figures
  • Classifying two-dimensional shapes by geometric properties (number of sides and vertices)


Students practice listening skills in order to identify geometric shapes. The purpose is to help students become familiar with identifying geometric shapes.


  • Class set of cards (template available)


  • Introduce students to geometric shapes, have a conversation with the students see the shapes that they are familiar and unfamiliar with


  • Gather 5 children in a circle.
  • Teacher holds up the first card and reads it aloud, drawing students’ attention to the shapes and to the phrases on the card. “I have a square. Who has a circle?
  • Teacher says, “Soon I’m going to give you your own cards to look at and the object of this game is to listen really carefully and to look really closely at your cards to see if you might have the next card.” Teacher places a few cards in front of her, one of them being the card that holds the circle. “Hmm, I wonder which of these cards would be next?” Students will likely notice the card with the circle. Hold it up and say, “Here’s what the card says—I have a circle. Who has a triangle?” As each card is read aloud, place it in basket in the centre of the circle.
  • Give each student 2 cards (deal out the entire set of cards, including teacher, as the game progresses and children gain familiarity with the shapes/the process) and ask them to look carefully to see who has the triangle.
  • Help each child read the card and ask for the next shape. The game continue until all cards are in the basket and every child has had at least two turns.


  • Gather students together and facilitate a conversation, consider the following prompts:
    • Ask students what they learned about shapes
    • Did you discover any new shapes?
    • Did you learn new names for shapes?
    • Can you describe your favourite or a new shape that you learned about?