Upside Down World

Created by M4YC Lesson Study Teams

Curriculum – Geometry and Spatial Sense

For students to sort, classify two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures by attributes; recognize symmetry; relate shapes to other shapes, designs, and to figures; and describe location using positional language.


Students and the teacher begin by sitting on the floor in a circle.


  • Teacher-prepared structures made out of unifix cubes – each structure should be increasing in difficulty
  • Unifix cubes – enough for all the students to use


  • Have students close their eyes and tell their classmates that they are going to build in their mind.
  • Tell students to take three blue unifix cubes, snap them together in a row and lay them on the ground.
    • Ask children to take one green cube and put it on top of the middle blue cube.
    • Tell students to keep that picture in their mind.
  • Ask students to open their eyes and show them three different possible structures based on the instructions you give.
    • Listen to students’ opinions about which one they believe to be the correct structure. Encourage discussion.


  • Tell students they are now going to imagine a world where everything is made out of unifix cubes!
  • Show children four structures or buildings that are in this imaginary world.
  • Tell students that one day someone pushes a red button and all the buildings turn upside down.
  • Show them how the structure looks when it is upside down.
  • Now it is their job to rebuild all of those buildings the right side up.
  • Each student gets the appropriate number and colour of unifix cubes.
  • When rebuilding the first building, ask one student to give instructions to the rest of the class about how to rebuild the building.
  • When students are finished rebuilding, ask them to compare their building to the original building to make sure they have built it correctly.
  • After students have the hang of it, put students in partners and have one partner give the instructions and the other partner building.
    • Have students sit back-to-back to focus on describing location using positional language.


  • Have students put their buildings right side up next to the original building.
  • Facilitate a discussion about which part of the building was easiest to explain and which parts were more difficult.

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