Smarties Graph

Curriculum –¬†Data Management and Probability¬†

For students to sort, classify, and display a variety of concrete objects, collect data, begin to read and describe displays of data, and begin to explore the concept of probability in everyday contexts.


Students begin by sitting on the carpet in a circle. Students will move to tables to work on their Smarties Graph.


  • Download: Smarties graph package
  • Small boxes of Smarties – at least one for each child
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Markers


  • Explain to students that they will each be getting a box of Smarties and will be asked to place each Smartie on the graph according to the colour.


  • First have students put the smarties on the graph. Once a teacher has looked at the layout of the Smarties, have students take each column off at a time and colour the boxes in with the appropriate marker colour.
    • For example if a student gets three red Smarties in their box, they would colour three boxes in the column labelled red
  • Once the graph is complete, students can move to the second page which will have questions they can answer about their box of Smarties.
    • For example: How many red Smarties did you have? How many did you have the most of?
    • It is important to read the questions out to the students.


  • When students finish filling in the graphs, they can compare their graph to another classmate.

Next Steps

For a follow up lesson, see “Circle to bar graph” in The Robertson Program math lesson library.

Based on JICS Kindergarten Teacher Carol Stephenson’s Mathematics Lesson