Designs and Patterns on Grid

Adapted from Moss, Bruce, Caswell, Flynn & Hawes (2016)
By Dr. Joan Moss

Curriculum – Geometry and Spatial Sense

For students to identify and describe the location of an object, on a plane using letter-number coordinates. 


This game can be played as a teacher-led game or barrier game. 


  • Multiple square tiles in many different colours per player
  • Download: 1 Game board per player 
    • Player 1/teacher’s game board can be created on an interactive white board
    • Player 1’s game board will remain hidden from the view of Player 2/students


  • Player 1/teacher calls out the coordinates on which a square tiles should be placed (e.g., Place a red tile on B3; Place a blue tile on C1.)
  • Player 2 follows the instruction to place the correct tile in the correct coordinate.
  • Repeat this process until a colourful design has been made on the grid.
  • Reveal the teacher’s game board at the end.
  • Allow students a chance to revise their shapes to match the teacher’s. 
  • Change the roles and play the game again. 
An example of a student's game board midway through the game

Extension Activity

Once students are familiar with coordinates, an extension: Pentomino Battleship can be played.