Can You Draw This?

Adapted from Moss, Bruce, Caswell, Flynn & Hawes (2016)
By Dr. Joan Moss

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Curriculum – Geometry and Spatial Sense 

  • Composition and decomposition of 2D shapes
  • Visualization
  • Spatial language
  • Visual-spatial working memory


  • Whole class game
  • Each child needs a solid surface (either a desk or a clipboard)


Figure 1


  • Have the students sit where they have a good view of you (or the interactive whiteboard) with a solid surface to draw on. 
  • Explain to the students that you will give them a quick peek at a design inside a square. Their job is to remember the design and draw it on one of the blank squares.
  • Present the first image (figure 1) for approximately five seconds, by either holding up the printout or displaying it on an interactive whiteboard. Hide the image and provide time for children to recreate the image.
  • when students are done drawing, show them the design again and invite them to make corrections as necessary to their drawings.
  • Ask for volunteers to share the process they used to create their drawing. Focus on what they saw and how they remembered the design. 
  • Repeat with subsequent images. 
  • Last four designs are not in a square. When doing the last four, give the students a blank sheet of paper. 


Moss, J., Bruce, C. D., Caswell, B., Flynn, T., & Hawes, Z. (2016). Taking Shape: Activities to Develop Geometric and Spatial Thinking. Toronto: Pearson Canada.