Build a Structure from 3 Different Views

Primary/Junior (Age 6 – 12)

Curriculum Goal

Primary: Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • Compare two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures and sort them by their geometric properties.
  • Compose and decompose two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional figures.

Junior: Geometry and Spatial Sense 

  • Identify and classify two-dimensional shapes by side and angle properties, and compare and sort three-dimensional figures.
  • Sketch three-dimensional figures, and construct three-dimensional figures from drawings.


  • Children will do this activity on the carpet initially and then individually either at their desks or on the carpet.​
  • Children should have experience playing with interlocking cubes.​



  • Facilitate a discussion to prompt students to think about how to transform a 2-D drawing into a 3-D structure.
  • Provide students with interlocking cubes (about 20) and the Three Views Picture.
    Ask students to imagine if they were a bird flying over and round a building. How would they describe the structure and its different views?
  • Then, ask students to look at Three Views Picture
  • Ask students to make a building that has the same top view, front view, and side view as Three Views Picture
  • Encourage students to compare their structures with each other to verify that their structures match the examples in Three Views Picture

Look Fors

  • What directional or positional language does the child use? (e.g. over, under, left, right)​
  • Do they use the proper names of 2-D and 3-D shapes?​
  • Can they articulate how they interpreted the 2-D pictures and applied that to the 3-D structures?​


Related Lessons

A possible extension, students transform a 3D figure into a 2D drawing from 3 different viewpoints.

In this lesson, students will use multilink cubes to recreate an image of a structure.

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