Dragon’s Den in the Classroom

A multi-week project exploring data management and probability concepts
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Curriculum Goals

Grade 6 – Data Management and Probability

Overall expectations:

  • read, describe, and interpret data;
  • collect and organize discrete or continuous primary data and secondary data;
  • display data using charts and graphs, including continuous line graphs;
  • identify and explain relationships between sets of data

Specific expectations:

  • collect data by conducting a survey (e.g., using an Internet survey tool) or an experiment to do with themselves, their environment, an issue in the school or community, or content from another subject, and record observations or measurements;
  • select an appropriate type of graph to represent a set of data, graph the data using technology, and justify the choice of graph (i.e., pictographs, horizontal or vertical bar graphs, stem-and-leaf plots, double bar graphs, broken-line graphs, and continuous line graphs);
  • read, interpret, and draw conclusions from primary data (e.g., survey results, measurements, observations) and from secondary data (e.g., sports data in the newspaper, data from the Internet about movies), presented in charts, tables, and graphs (including continuous line graphs);
  • demonstrate, through investigation, an understanding of how data from charts, tables, and graphs can be used to make inferences and convincing arguments (e.g., describe examples found in newspapers and magazines)


In this Dragons’ Den-inspired project, students use data evidence to convince a panel of judges that their product will sell. Students will learn about collecting and analyzing data, creating surveys, graphing data, and understanding mean, median and mode.


  • Project Overview (Click here to download)
  • Access to laptops (not necessary)
  • Data software (i.e. Microsoft Excel), Survey software (SurveyMonkey, Microsoft online – Forms, etc.)
  • Data sets to examine (can be generated by the students)
  • Pencils

Lesson Introduction

If students are unfamiliar with the TV show Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank, introduce the idea by watching a quick clip as a class. At the bottom of this lesson plan, we have featured an episode of Dragon’s Den with two junior-aged girls pitch their business idea.

Use the Dragons’ Den Project Outline provided on the following pages as a guide to clearly lay out a timeline and steps that work for your class. Make sure the students understand the length and depth of this project and that you will be working together to learn more about how to use data to develop their projects.

Introducing the Project:
“Welcome to the (School Name) Dragons’ Den, where you will become a young entrepreneur, creating, researching, and pitching your ideas to the panel of Dragons! Working on your own or in groups of two, you will create your own product or business idea, OR you may expand upon an existing product or business. You will then collect data to determine what will make your product sell! You will use this evidence to create a full business proposal, including data and graphs, which you will pitch to the panel of Dragons in an attempt to “gain funding for your idea”. This is a large project that will develop over many weeks. We will continue to work on it in small steps as we learn more about data management!”