Egyptian Number System

Junior (Age 9 – 12)

Curriculum Goal


Junior: Number Sense

  • Read and represent whole numbers up to and including one million, using appropriate tools/strategies. Describe various ways whole numbers are used in everyday life.

Social Studies

Junior: Understanding Context

  • Identify, acknowledge and describe scientific and technological contributions from the ancient and medieval eras.


  • Whole class teacher-led activity.



  • Print all five versions of the bingo card. Cut out the squares and place in a bag.
  • Read the introductory script (Appendix A) and ask students to tell you what else they know about Ancient Egypt.
  • While hiding the Arabic numerals, show students the different hieroglyphs (Appendix B) and have them guess which numbers they represent. Invite them to practice using the Egyptian hieroglyphic number system.
  • Review bingo rules with students and distribute bingo cards (Appendix C) and chips.
  • Play the game: have student volunteers draw the previously cut Egyptian numeral bingo squares from the bag at random and read them aloud.
    • When an infinity card (rod-and-ring symbol) is drawn, engage students in a non-fiction story about an Egyptian fact or figurehead (Appendix D) Have them complete the associated task


  • Incorporate literacy and promote research skills by having students write their own story cards.

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