Fill Two

Junior (Age 9 – 12)

Curriculum Goal

Junior: Number Sense

  • Describe relationships and show equivalences among fractions, decimal numbers up to hundredths, using appropriate tools and drawings, in various contexts.


  • Students work in groups of two to four, or in pairs in person or on a video conference call. 
  • Students should have prior experience identifying equivalencies between fractions and decimals.
  • Students should understand the difference between thousandths, tenths, and ones.


In-person version

Online version


  • The goal is for each student to fill up two empty grids.
  • Four decimal cards are laid out on the table face up. The remaining decimal cards remain face down in a pile on the table.
  • Each student fills out their grid according to the number on the decimal card (e.g., if a student selects the decimal card labelled 0.2, they will fill in two tenths of their grid).
  • Students can fill both grids simultaneously (i.e., you can draw a card and use it to fill in the second grid, even if the first grid is not filled yet).
  • Players cannot overflow onto another grid (e.g., if a student draws 0.55, they cannot place 0.5 on one grid and 0.05 on the other, they must place 0.55 on only one of the two grids). The final card drawn must then fill up a grid without going over.
  • The first student begins their turn by selecting a decimal card from the four that have been turned face up.
  • The student will replace the card they picked up so there are always four cards laid out on the table. This marks the end of a turn.
  • Each student takes a turn pulling a decimal card and filling out their grid. They must use a different colour to fill in their grid each turn so they can distinguish what was done each turn.
  • If a student cannot go, they may skip their turn. If no student can go, place the four cards on the table into a discard pile, and draw four new cards. If students run out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and continue playing.
  • The first student to fill both their boards is the winners.

Look Fors

  • Do students accurately fill in their grid according to the decimal cards?
  • What strategies do students employ to pick their decimal cards (e.g., do they pick the largest card, the smallest)?


  • Students can play with additional grids.
  • Play the game using cards with percentages.

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