Early Years Math – Patterning and Algebra

Introduction to Patterning

Students learn to recognize and extend patterns in different contexts and identify the features that define a pattern.

Patterns with Unifix Cubes

Unifix cubes are a great tool to use to explore patterns. In this lesson, children make their own patterns.

Patterns with Beads

Children are challenged with making multiple patterns with beads of different size, shapes, and colours.

Ladybug Patterns

By using only one kind of material, students are challenged to think about making patterns in a different way.

Pattern Hunt

Students go on a pattern hunt to look for naturally occurring patterns in their environment.

Name Pattern

Children continue to notice patterns in their name by using this grid and recognizing the repetition that occurs.

Growing Patterns

Through this fun story about magical snakes, children think about numerical patterns.

Super Mind

Children are presented with two-dimensional shapes and encouraged to explore the shapes.