Curriculum – Science  

  • 1.7 use specialized vocabulary for a variety of purposes (DLMB, PSI)
  • 1.8 ask questions for a variety of purposes and in different contexts (SRWB, DLMB, PSI)
  • 13.2 make predictions and observations before and during investigations (PSI)
  • 13.3 select and use materials to carry out their own explorations (PSI)
  • 13.4 communicate results and findings from individual and group investigations (PSI)


  • Magnets 
  • Magnetic items 



  • Begin with a brief discussion of what they have learned and know about magnets.
    • What do you know about magnets?
    • How do you know something is magnetic?
    • What are some things that are not magnetic?
  • I wonder if there are things outside or inside that are magnetic?


  • Divide students in small groups. 
  • Walk around outside and have children collect things they think may be magnetic.
  • Then bring students back inside and ask the children to find things they think may be magnetic.


  • Collect the items children gathered inside and outside and test whether things were magnetic or not. 
  • Determine whether it was easier to find things that were magnetic inside or outside.