Tangram Clan Animals

By Tracy Kabatay, Shelly Jones, Jason Jones, Sharla MacKinnon, Jisoo Seo and Bev Caswell

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Curriculum – Measurement and Geometry and Spatial Sense

Measurement, Measurement Relationships: determine through investigation and strategies, the relationship between the area of a rectangle and the areas of parallelograms and triangles by decomposing and composing

Geometry and Spatial Sense, Geometric Properties: construct properties using a variety of tools


How to play

  • Pick a tangram clan animal puzzle (choice between with clues and no clues).
  • Use the plastic tangram pieces to solve the puzzle.
  • Reconstruct the tangram with paper tangram pieces and glue it onto a construction paper.
  • Decorate around the clan animal with various materials, including the name of the animal in Ojibwe.


Please see the “Exploring Tangrams” lesson in the Robertson Program math lesson library for more ideas on how to use tangrams in your classroom.

Student and parent playing with Tengrams