See It, Build It, Check It

Primary (Age 6 – 9)

Curriculum Goal

Primary: Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • Compose and decompose various structures, and identify the two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects that these structures contain.


  • Students and teacher will be sitting on the carpet in a circle.


In-Person Version:

  • 2D shape outlines (Appendix A)
  • Pattern blocks for each student

Online Version:


  • Show students an example of a 2D shape outline (Appendix A) and show the solution of the outline filled with shapes. Explain that this will be the task they will be doing.
  • Present students with the outline of a 2D shape (Appendix A) and have them construct the shape using pattern blocks.
    • For the online version, present students with the outline of a 2D shape (Appendix A) and have them construct the shape using pattern blocks google slides (Appendix B)
  • For the next challenge, quickly present the outline and then hide it from view.
  • Have students construct the shape from memory. Students may require another opportunity to view the shape. Feel free to show the outline again to help them with the challenge.
  • Give students time to share their results with a partner, in a small group or with the whole class.
  • Facilitate a discussion around memory strategies (e.g., noticing symmetry, grouping, repetition, thinking about the number of shapes used) and the different ways of composing the same 2D shape.
  • Ask students to compare how they constructed their 2D shape and talk about the strategies they used when building it from memory.
  • Proceed to the next slide in Appendix A to present the students with a new 2D shape challenge.


  • Show students a filled in pattern block shape. Hide the shape and have them draw the outline from memory (see Appendix A for an example).

Look Fors

  • Are students able to visualize the arrangement before placing the pieces? Ask the student what they are visualizing.
  • What kind of language is being used to describe what students are visualizing? Listen for words related to location, distance, orientation and direction (e.g., left, right, up, down, angle, turn).

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