Apr 27

Gaa-gikinoo’amawigooyang: When They Teach Us – Jason Jones shares Indigenous science learned from animals

Jason Jones will share teachings that can be learned from animals that have been passed down to him from his Grandmother, Nancy Jones. For example, when watching the Rabbit in the wintertime, you will notice that they are able to run on the surface of the snow without falling through. Thus, the creation of snowshoes.

It is vital that we pass these teachings down to the next generation so that the knowledge will not be lost. With the help of from our fellow Anishinaabe and non-Anishinaabe brothers and sisters, we can achieve this. We are all related.

Jason Jones

Jason Jones is Anishinaabe from Nigigoonsiminikaaning, Ontario. He belongs to the Bizhiw (Lynx) Clan. Jason teaches Ojibwe at Fort Frances High School in Fort Frances, Ontario, and develops Indigenous curriculum for the Rainy River District School Board. Jason also works with Taking It Global. In November 2019, Jason received the “Role Model of the Year” from Indspire.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Math and Science Webinar Series 

In February 2021, The Robertson Program launched the Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Math and Science webinar series to showcase how Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing in their math and science classrooms. The series is presented in partnership with Kikinoo’amaadawin.


The Kikinoo’amaadawin Webinar Series is a collaboration between Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule and Dr. Angela Nardozi that has provided a platform for Indigenous and Settler educators and knowledge keepers to share their knowledge in a variety of topics since 2019. Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule (Dokis First Nation) is an Anishinaabe scholar and educator who is currently the Chair of Indigenous Education at the University of Victoria. He is concerned with bringing Indigenous worldviews to a wide audience and infusing Indigenous perspectives into mainstream practice. Dr. Angela Nardozi is a Settler and guest on Turtle Island who is Italian-Canadian. She is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers and received her Ph.D. in Education from OISE/UT. She has spent over a decade working alongside Indigenous communities and with non-Indigenous educators, including as the Project Manager of the Deepening Knowledge Project from 2011 to 2016.

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