Growing Patterns

Curriculum – Patterning 

For students to explore, recognize, describe, and create patterns, using a variety of materials in different contexts.


Students and teacher will be sitting on the carpet in a circle. Students should have previous experience with patterns and making patterns.


  • Paper “magical snakes” (Appendix A)
  • Small beads or small manipulative to use as “magical pellets”

For appendix download the lesson plan here.


  • Introduce students to the magical snakes. In order for the snakes to do magical things, they must have the right amount of magical pellets.


  • Bring out one snake and say that this snake can play basketball if it has two magical pellets.
  • Then bring out a snake twice the size.
    • Ask: “How many pellets will this snake need to play basketball?”
  • Present a smaller snake and ask the same question as above.
  • Listen to children’s theories about how many pellets the snakes need.
  • Reinforce that they are learning about patterns and that there will be some pattern to how many pellets the snakes will need.
  • Repeat the steps above using different pattern combinations.
    • Patterns can including doubling, adding by three, etc. Choose a pattern that will suit the children’s needs.


  • If children become proficient at spotting patterns, children can make up their own patterns and share it with their classmates.

Based on JICS Kindergarten Teacher Carol Stephenson’s Mathematics Lesson