Pattern Hunt

Early Years (Age 3 – 6)

Curriculum Goal

Kindergarten: Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviour

  • Recognize, explore, describe, and compare patterns, and extend, translate, and create them, using the core of a pattern and predicting what comes next (#18).


  • Students and teacher explore the classroom and/or school property for patterns.
  • Students should have prior experience exploring and making patterns.


  • Pattern handout (Appendix A)
  • Camera 
  • Pencils
  • Pencil Crayons


  • Encourage students to search and select an identifiable pattern in the classroom or school.
  • Take a photo of the selected pattern.
  • Have the student paste the pattern onto Appendix A (or paste the photo yourself).
  • In the blank box on the worksheet, students recreate the selected pattern with pencil crayons.
  • On the lines provided, students describe the pattern they found and illustrated (e.g., I found an AB pattern in my classroom).
  • After completion of the visual and written components of the handout, the worksheet should be displayed in the classroom so it can be shared with other students.

Look Fors

  • Are children accurately identifying and describing patterns?
  • What strategies do students use when searching and identifying patterns?

Related Lessons

Prior to Pattern Hunt: An introduction to simple ABAB and ABCABC patterning. Students will have the option of exploring and building onto more complex patterns.

Shares curriculum expectations: Recognize, explore, describe and compare patterns, and extend, translate, and create them, using the core of a patterns and predicting what comes next (#18).

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