Ladybug Patterns

Based on Carol Stephenson’s Mathematics Lesson

Curriculum –¬†Patterning¬†

For students to explore, recognize, describe, and create patterns, using a variety of materials in different contexts.


Students and teacher will be sitting on the carpet in a circle. Students should have previous experience with patterns and making patterns.


  • Working mats
  • Small ladybug toys (or another series of small manipulatives)


  • Explain that students will be making patterns today with ladybugs.
  • Bring to their attention that past students have been asked to make patterns using different colours and letters, but today the material they are going to work with is all the same.


  • Ask students to use the ladybugs to make a pattern.
    • Children will have to think outside the box as to how to make a pattern.
    • Examples include: two ladybugs, one ladybug; one ladybug facing me, one lady bug facing the opposite, etc.


  • Once children are finished with their patterns, ask them to share the building block.