May 05
Zack Hawes and Cathy Bruce at OAME

Zack Hawes presents at OAME 2016

Zack Hawes and Cathy Bruce present at OAME 2016

As the kickoff to this year’s OAME conference (Ontario Association for Mathematics Education), Zack Hawes (Research Officer, OISE’s Robertson Program) and  Dr. Cathy Bruce presented to OMCA (Ontario Mathematics Coordinators Association). This also marked the official unveiling (unwrapping) of Taking Shape (Moss, Bruce, Caswell, Flynn, and Hawes).

Members of OMCA were provided with copies of the book and spent the afternoon discussing spatial reasoning and excitedly trying some of the activities first hand.  A favourite activity amongst the group involved a series of paper folding challenges. For example, see the Twitter caption immediately above. Try it yourself! Members left the meeting with book in hand and an eagerness to try out the activities with young children.

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-Zack Hawes and The Robertson Program

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