Apr 05

Teacher candidates hold mathematics inquiry mini conference at JICS/OISE

The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study hosted an exciting mathematics inquiry conference this morning as OISE’s second year Master of Arts Child Study and Education (MA CSE) teacher candidates presented their final Mathematics Inquiry Projects at a math mini-conference organized by Dr. Bev Caswell and the Robertson Team. Teachers, principals, professors and fellow students took part in 20-minute interactive math workshops based on the MA teacher candidates’ inquiry work, which was part of their course assignment.

Read the teacher handouts on our Exploring Math Concepts through an Inquiry Lens page.

This assignment modeled an inquiry-based approach, providing an opportunity for students to develop expertise in an area of interest to them and to make an authentic contribution to math education and professional development for practicing teachers. . Many thanks to Robin Bennett for inspiring us with the idea for this assignment. And a huge thank you to Larisa Lam and Zach Pedersen for organizing and ensuring the success of this event.

We truly appreciate and thank all everyone who took the time to attend this conference and for providing teacher candidates with an authentic audience. Finally, a very special thank you to OISE’s second year MA CSE teacher candidates who worked tirelessly researching, developing content knowledge, and designing such stellar interactive workshops to share their knowledge on a variety of topics (listed below). Congratulations on successfully completing the 2-year MA CSE program!

You will make such amazing educators!

 Topics explored at our event

  • Exploring Issues of Social Justice Through Mathematics
  • Using a Number Line to explore Fractions
  • Math in Architecture
  • Islamic Art and Math
  • Supporting Students Who Are Behind in Math
  • Growing Mathematical Success by Connecting Math and Nature
  • Teaching Fractions Through Music
  • Teaching Math in Racialized Communities
  • Hands-On Activities to Teach Multiplication
  • Narrowing the Gap: Supporting and Encouraging Females in Mathematics
  • The Mathematics Education of Luso-Canadian Students in Toronto
  • Games and Mathematics

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