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Number Assessment Toolkit

An image of an educator working with a student on a math assessment. To the left, the image reads "Number Assessment Toolkit, including Give-N Test, Number Knowledge, Empty Number Line and Place Value

Four quick and efficient assessments that help educators better understand the mathematical strengths and needs of students. Along with each assessment, we’ve suggested lessons available in our free math lesson library that help to develop the skills required for that specific assessment.

Empty Number Line

  • This assessment determines how accurately a student identifies specific numeric locations on a number line.
  • Number lines help to model the relationship between measurement (space) and number. 
  • Number lines makes conceptual understanding visible, including error.

Number Knowledge Test

  • This assessment allows student to demonstrate their intuitive knowledge of numbers.
  • Students are challenged to communicate number sense while using problem-solving skills. 
  • Assessment results provide a foundation for informed and differentiated instruction. 

Place Value

  • An interview-style assessment identifying misunderstandings about place value
  • Using manipulatives, observe how students comprehend the value of ones, tens, hundreds, etc.
  • Assessment results provide a foundation for informed and differentiated instruction. 

Give-N Task

  • Designed for young learners with an emerging concept of number
  • Students generate specific number sets using manipulatives to represent exact numbers. 
  • Students demonstrates knowledge of cardinality, one-to-one correspondence and conceptual understanding of counting.

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Hannah Genich

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